About Us

Our Mission

At Greyson Organics, we strive to produce the highest-quality locally-farmed Vegetables, Field Crops, Hemp, and CBG/CBD cannabis products to our customers because what you put in your body and how it’s grown, matters.

Our Story

Our story is simple – family-owned for over 100 years, Lizonberry Farms began as a typical major crops producer that transformed into the organic produce and crops outfit that you see today as Greyson Organics. If you follow the farming industry at all, you’ll know it isn’t an easy ride. With the ups and downs that all farmers experience, we’ve decided to take on a new challenge: to grow Hemp and CBG/CBD cannabinoids organically. We’re proud to announce that we’ll be selling organic Hemp flower and trim by August 2020.

The Farm

You see the words ‘organic’ being slapped on every consumer product that graces the isles of grocery and health food providers. True USDA Organic Certification begins with a meticulous approach and a different mentality toward growing. Our approach ensures that innovation and craftsmanship dictate the quality of our products, not marketing. By reinventing traditional farming, amidst the most traditional of environments, we combine the old world and the new. And we’re doing so on a plot of land that has been in our family for over a century. Known as Lizonberry Farms, this pristine and rolling backdrop provides the perfect setting to contrast innovation and the re-emergence of Hemp as a staple crop of the modern American farmer.

Grown in Missouri

If simplicity was our mission we’re in the wrong business, likewise, if ease was our goal we’re in the wrong state. Missouri is rarely mentioned in the same breath as more progressive areas of the country that have established themselves at the forefront of the hemp and cannabis industry. We disagree. We’re stubborn. It’s the same reason we chose the state animal, the Mule, as our mark. We lead with quality, grit, and determination and as a result, intend to demonstrate that the State of Missouri is not only among the early pioneers of industrial hemp but leading the organic movement behind it. We intend to show you.